Sanna Juujärvi-Bremer


I believe people in general have a need to identify themselfs, belong to a group of somekind, have roots to lay on and crow up with.
I feel that I am quite lucky that I have strong roots in lapland. Climate and circumstancies of life has a huge impact of human essence.
These two opposite parts, midnight sun and polar night or “kaamos” as it is called in Finland, are impacting in me and therefore to my art.

Life was, and still is very connected to nature in lapland, especially before the countryside became mechanized. Everything was going with the same rythm with the nature and seasons of the year. In summertime, when it was bright around the clock, workingdays lasted longer than in another time of the year. In wintertime the nature was resting under the snow and in some level It was easier time for the people too.

I think there is some kind of wisdom in living by the natures rythm, but it all has been downtrodden by effectiveness. I’m sure that many problems in this society are obtain, because we, the people have turned our backs to the fact, that we are part of the nature as well, and we do need the nature to nurish us as did our forefathers.

I want to observe my relationship to the nature, as well in a general aspect.

Baseline to my paintings is in the nature, mostly animals, but during the prosess the images change far away from their initial figure and they beging to seem like more surrealistic.

Animal as a basis in the painting helps me to picture humanity more easily. I think that if painting is not directly showing human itself, it gives me bigger opportunities for my self expression and also to interbredation.

I’m facinated about the wild and halfwild animals. Sometimes I feel even dispace if people try to modulate their pets in to human gathegory, like make them look and behave like humanbeings. I think it is important to let animals be animals and give them change to express themselves in the nature.

Sometimes in my works you can see harmony and grey, and there is silence and stillness. They are illustrating that extraoriginal feeling, when you are standing alone, far away from everything in the big swamp, where the silence is deafening.


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