Gatherings – Nicole Willis

Nicole Willis

06.11. – 02.12.2012


Nicole Willis seeks to find the movement in the stillness in the recordings of a photographic diary, rendered in oil painting. To relay events as they happen, in the spirit of humanity and it’s exchange amongst the individuals. With simplicity and visceral strokes, the agenda never strays from capturing a solidity of the presence of others and their capacity to love in a physical manner. Therefore the artist strives to paint the concept of endearment, using oil paints in a relief manner, heavily and romantically. In her depictions of loved ones in times of festival, mundane daily tasks and strangers in ritual gatherings, the artist seeks out the presentation of a transient sentiment, canonizing them and creating in the application of physicality to the otherwise intangible. In this manner the now is endowed with physical infinity. The gatherings concept will depict other living creatures as well as humanity. The objective is to document these gatherings of beings as they are found socially in nature.


  • Nicole Willis - Kallio skater 2
  • Nicole Willis - Brooklyn Heights
  • Nicole Willis - Who's the Alpha?
  • Nicole Willis - Warm & Homely
  • Nicole Willis - Pheobe and the Dragon
  • Nicole Willis - Grace & Goldie
  • Nicole Willis - 4th of July BBQ


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