SUPERNATURAL – Jasmin Anoschkin

Jasmin Anoschkin

25.08. – 13.09.2015


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"Saisinko rinnoistasi tilkan kahvimaitoa!"- AnuH

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Ensin iloiteltiin rinnoista saatavalla kahvimaidolla. Nyt on vuorossa vakavampaa asiaa: Jasmin Anoschkin ja Kakkujono!- AnuH

Posted by KulttuuriCocktail on 10. syyskuuta 2015


Who wears bright nail polish, deep-red lipstick and long, long eyelashes?
The first image that comes to mind would probably not be a ceramic
figure, yet such are the odd creatures sculpted by young Finnish artist
Jasmin Anoschkin (born in 1980), the newest addition to the Arabia Art
Department Society. Jasmin’s work continuously alludes to pop culture,
sometimes making references to the Western toy industry, or presenting
dunkheap ladies who, by carrying their precious loads, have become
landfill themselves.
Besides ceramics, Jasmin creates wooden sculptures and drawings.
She sculpts wood in her home studio and ceramics at the Art Department.
Her richly expressive sculptures start out in a plain shade of clay. She then
picks colours from the ceramic factory’s laboratory established in 1922.
From a colour palette of over 20,000 different glazes, Jasmin carefully
selects the right colours for a Platypus eating a lollipop, for creatures
waiting in a cake line, and for a Soap Bubble Buddy. Each of these has
a story to tell – although they look amusing at first glance, they reveal
much about the world around us.

Elise Simonsson
Executive director, Arabia Art Department Society


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