Susanna Iivanainen


Susanna Iivanainen is a Finnish artist living and working in Helsinki.
At the moment her main media is ink and indian ink painting.
Her latest solo exhibition ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’ at the Gallery Katariina in Helsinki 2015 dealed with the themes like time and its passing.
Iivanainen has painted ink and indian ink portraits from an old, unknown photographs and old cemetery statues.
“Eventually we all turn to dust. Photographs fade and images disappear from their surface, but also statues made of stone will change.
They become darker and worn, they crumble and grow moss and alga. Wind and rain smoothen their surface. It is said that time passes us by.
It does, but it also wears on us.” The other side of the exhibition studied time and it`s passing through the childhood.
Iivanainen have been painting children and trying to depict in her paintings their sense of imagination and that certain magical quality of childhood.
“Time looks different when you are a child or even when you live with children.”


  • Time
  • Splash
  • Pool Monster
  • splash

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